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William McIlree

McIlrees at War

William McIlree - Naval Auxiliary Personnel (M.N.) - was a Second Baker on the H.M.S. Transylvania, which was sunk by a U-Boat of the North West Coast of Ireland.

Possibly originally known as James McIlree who served on the same ship. William McIlree made over 115 voyages on H.M.S Transylvania between 1929 and 1939. 24969 Second Baker McIlree of the Naval Auxiliary Personnel (M.N.) on H.M.S. Transylvania. The ship was sank by a U-Boat in Aug 1940 off the North West Coast of Ireland. Commonwealth War Graves reference Panel 23, Column 1 of the Liverpool Naval Memorial.

Details of the ship and its history can be found at

HMS Transalvania

HMS Transylvania (F 56)
Armed Merchant Cruiser

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