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Linn County Cemeteries

In 1865 a group of sturdy folks of the pioneering spirit left Pennsylvania for the Oregon Territory. The following year they reached Linn Co., and took up their donation land claims at a point 10 miles southwest of where the city of Albany is now located. Because of the grove of oak trees on the hill where the United Presbyterian Church stands the community was named Oakville. Dr. W. B. Mealey, a physician, set apart a spot of ground on their land for the burial of their dead. A log building served as a church and schoolhouse of the community for a few years.

Oakville Cemetery is located in Township 12S, Range 4W, Section 16, near Shedd, Linn County. It was established in 1853. Surveyed by Richard Milligan, January 1995.

My thanks to Jan Phillips for allowing me to reproduce this text and link to her site.

McIlrees' in this cemetery are at

There is also reference to McIlrees' in the 'Emigrants of 1852' compiled by Stephenie Flora. This can be found at

Reference to McIlrees' are also found in the Elizabeth Lee Porter's Diary Iowa to Oregon - 1864.

The link to these diaries was at
Elizabeth Lee Porter's Diary from Iowa to Oregon, 1864 but I have had problems opening this link. If anyone knows of a new link source to this information I would be grateful for the information.

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