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This web page is dedicated to Maggie Fulton who provided me with the information to start the search.

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Grandad Leslie and Granny Lizzie
McIlree Coat of Arms (possibly??)

My Father once told me that I was the last of the McIlrees''. It made me think about my heritage and put my wife into blind panic thinking that if she didn't produce a boy that would be the end of the line.

As it happens my Father was wrong and although my son is currently the last of a particular line of McIlrees' there are plenty more lines around. The name is uncommon in most of England and Wales but found more frequently in Scotland, USA and of course Northern Ireland.

The picture above is of Leslie and Lizzie McIlree (my Grandfather and Grandmother). He was one of eight brothers (who all served in the First World War) and 4 sisters (See Family History Link to Andrew McIlree). If you want to find out more about them and other McIlree's choose McIlree History from the side menu.

Using a trace by the Ancestors of Dover Ltd 2000, produced the above crest, a dexter arms in armour couped at the elbow proper, the hand holding a cross crosslet gules.

The McIlree motto being

If you have any famous McIlree relatives or some family history that you would like to share please email me and let me have the details. I would like to keep expanding the site and learn more about our family.

If you would like to look at some photographs of the McIlrees' and other objects (Postcards, Medals etc) from that time then choose photographs from the side menu. If you have any photographs of interest to other family members I would be grateful if you can pass a copy to me so that we can share them with the rest of the family.

There have been a number of McIlree's who have been famous in their own way. From lawyers to soldiers to surgeons the McIlree's have a wide and varied range of ancestors to reflect on. John (The Boxer) McIlree, shown above was a boxer of renown who held the prestigious 'Belt of India' boxing trophy as a serving soldier and later in civilian life ran a boxing club in Cookstown. He was also involved with training the Northern Ireland boxing team.

To find out more about our ancestor in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Assistant Commisioner John Henry McIlree I.S.O), a Surgeon General in the West Indies (John Henry McIlree's Father), a former Mayor of West Union (Elmer A McIlree), a famous businessman and owner of an Island (Eric McIlree) and many more who traveled the world choose 'Famous McIlrees' from the side menu. Also read about the Fighting McIlrees' and the Widow who was sent a letter of commendation by the King of England.

Two recent additions to the website are particularly welcoming as they encompass audio rather than just textual or visual input. Firstly, a song about a letter written to the Widow Eliza McIlree on behalf of the King of England thanking her for her contribution to the war effort (namely the fact that her eight sons were fighting in the First World War). An excellent song by an excellent Folk Group Flaxenby:

The second addition is an interview with a First World War veteran J R McIlree, from the Canadian Library and Archives, which gives both the audio and transcript of the events at the time:

Another recent addition to the site is some information on the Australian branch of the McIlrees, which use an additional 'L' in the spelling of the surname (McIllree). I have added information to the Family Tree and shown the surname as McIlree (McIllree) to ensure anyone searching for information can see both versions. My thanks to Jane Morrison (Great Grand Daughter of Henry McIllree) for some extremely useful information.

If you would like some further areas for your own research then choose 'Links' from the side menu. I would appreciate any input on new links that would help us all with our research efforts. Also, if you find any dead links please let me know by using the email link at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Thanks

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